A Few Days APK [Ep. 5] Download Latest Mod Version For Android (18+)

What’s About A Few Days APK?

A Few Days APK for Android is an erotic graphic adventure resembling classic titles of this genre with a slightly manga aesthetic.

Version info

App GamesA Few Days
Version[Ep. 5]
Size254 MB
UpdatedApr 14, 2021
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
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A Few Days APK Gameplay

You are a Private Detective, you scored the easiest case in the world. All you have to do is sit in
a sleepy town and wait.
On your first day of what you believe is doing nothing and getting paid for it, you get roped into doing a little bit of private detecting for someone, which should only take a few days. Hence the name of the game.

Once word gets around that there is a Private Detective in town, a few people start showing up with their petty small-town problems, none of them can afford to actually pay what a Private Detective normally charges, but one by one you keep getting sucked into it, realizing slowly that all is not what it seems.​

A Few Days Changelog:

  • [Ep. 5]
  • Sorry bout the delay but its finally here.
  • At the start of this EP Elle needs a hand with something, when she asks there is a little cut scene, if you click you will miss it.
  • If you get in front of her and didn’t see it, go back if you want.
  • A report of a save file not showing up but the auto saves did, and it worked, so I dunno.
  • 335 images
  • 2 click arounds (or fuck arounds) 1 has a little reward.
  • 5 animation’s in the H scene

Download A Few Days APK For Android

  • Download A Few Days Mod APK For Android From link below:


  • Download A Few Days For MAC & PC From link below:



Mod info

  • Ported to Android
  • its a ported pc games, which might not compatible for some devices…

Control Info

  • Swipe Up : Menu
  • Swipe down : Hide text
  • Swipe left : Rollback
  • Swipe Right : Skip

A Few Days Screenshots

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