Cara in Creekmaw [Ep. 2] [Ariaspoaa]

Cara returns to Creekmaw to visit her mother over the course of 2 days after moving out a year ago with her fiancé. Mysteries start to pile on upon her return, with the town and its townspeople harboring many secrets and their own intentions.​

Known issues and Workarounds:

-When playing through E1P1, an error will be encountered when adding an entry to the journal (near the start of the chapter). To work around this, click on the “Ignore” button on the error screen (located at the middle bottom) to proceed. This should not have any impact on the remaining content/gameplay.

Please use a fresh save to play Episode 1 Part 2. Old saves are known to cause crashes and errors in E1P2 due to the recent backend rework of game mechanics such as the phone. Use the questionnaire at the start of the game where appropriate to recreate your old saves!

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