Cursed APK [v0.25] Download Latest Mod Version For Android (18+)

What’s About Cursed APK?

Cursed APK for Android is an erotic graphic adventure resembling classic titles of this genre with a slightly manga aesthetic.

Version info

App GamesCursed
Size204 MB
DeveloperSid Valentine
UpdatedJan 07, 2021
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
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Cursed APK Gameplay

Settled in a middle-aged environment, a broken adventurer returns to his home town and turns into a barmaid, then is cursed by a succubus.​

Cursed Changelog:

  • [v0.25]
  • Swamp area introduced.
  • Main swamp quest complete.
  • Can now add Hadley to the party. Talk to him.
  • Hadley has a small quest in the swamp area.
  • New NPC added for the swamp. His name is Radcliff and he’s in the sole house there.
  • HJ scene with Radcliff.
  • HJ scene with siyokoy.
  • Can sell monster materials to Telamon in Kodu.
  • Added a bunny girl cheat NPC near the exit of Kodu. Since the game’s balance is still really, really rough you can have her level-up your party, give you cheat equipment, and give you money.

Download Cursed APK For Android

  • Download Cursed Mod APK For Android From link below:


Mod info

  • Ported to Android
  • its a ported pc games, which might not compatible for some devices…

Control Info

  • the <esc> key and therefore opening the game menu is emulated with tapping with 2 fingers on the screen.
  • you can also toggle the textbox/choice list with a two-finger-tap™.

Cursed APK Screenshots


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