Etlina’s Principle [v0.02.1] [PipPoad]

Etlina’s Principle is a mature, adult game with VN style gameplay and focuses on the theme of the symbyote\living suit.
Humanity discovered a new type of living organism – a symbiotic life form called “Nox Limax,” which gave the hosts incredible powers. But one year after the successful tests on humans,
something happened that seriously changed the world.

At some point, people began to turn into slimy latex-like creatures.
The city’s environment and its neighborhood, animals,
humans, and fauna changed drastically, changing the land into a perilous place,
like an alien planet with its flora and fauna.
You are a member of the HOWL Squad – a particular military unit designed to perform tasks in conditions of increased danger. On your way, you will meet many local inhabitants,
most of whom may not be as horrible as they are told they will be.
On your way, you will find a lot of friends and enemies.
In the end, it will be up to you to decide who is the real threat.
Who will you choose to support, and what possible results will that have on the people
you care about and the fate of humanity itself?

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