Misfits [Part 2 v13.1] [Slow Burn Games]

You play the role of one of a group of lads trying to lose their cherry
before they leave college. You form the ‘Misfits club’ with the aim of
corrupting the women around you. The decisions you make influence the
‘lust’ attribute of the women you encounter.; do you try to pervert
them? Easy decision, perhaps, when it’s a classmate or a local MILF. But
what about when it’s your girlfriend or her hot best friend?
This is a prequel to my first game The Twelve Days of Christmas
and you will
encounter some of the characters from that game. In particular, it charts
the development of the Amy character.
(This is NOT a parody of the TV series of the same name)

Download for Windows/ Linux – v9.0 (Part1)

Download for Windows/ Linux – (Part2)

Download for Mac – v9.0 (Part1)

Download for Mac – (Part2)

Download for Android – v9.0 (Part1)

Download for Android – Part 2 v12.0

(if it gives you a .zip, just rename it as .apk)

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