Rebellion: The Beginning [Final Steam] [AGHAMUS]

It was a summer that would change the course of our protagonist’s life forever.
A rising star in the academic world, a decent sportsman, and a lucky husband, all doors seemed open to him.
But little did he know that a fateful decision to take his wife on an archeology tour,
in Southern Italy would lead to his downfall.

As the young couple explored a forgotten temple, they reenacted a timeless rite – only for things to go terribly wrong.
Suddenly, our hero found himself transported through time to the Late Roman Republic.
Alone, naked, confused, and humiliated by those around him, our hero was enslaved and doomed to die in the arena.
Even his deep knowledge of the period could not ease his suffering.
But just when all seemed lost, a glimmer of hope appeared in the form of the most legendary gladiator of all time.
Through the friendship with Spartacus, our hero will find the strength to persevere and ultimately emerge victorious against all odds.

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