Secrets of Sorcery [v0.21.5 Public] [Habardgames]

You’re moving to Dusuka city to attend Dusuka Academy,
the most prestigious higher learning academy in the whole country.
You’re pretty excited, but you’ve never seen your adoptive mother looking,
as nervous as she did on the drive over…Something is wrong…

Little do you know that soon revelations will shake your entire world to its core, and you’ll find your very life at risk.
Navigating this new normal, you’ll meet 12 beautiful and complex characters.
Getting to know them and growing closer throughout the game.
Some of these new friendships may even blossom into more intimate relationships.
Every character has a story for you to find your place in.
(only female characters will have lewd content with your main character.
As it’s not something I am personally interested in, I don’t feel I could do lewd scenes with the male characters justice.)

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