Sophie: The Girl from the Zone [v0|2.80] [DavyCroquette]

“A mysterious virus has spread, transforming infected people into zombies. The world as we knew it no longer exists. As each person fights for their own survival, whom can you trust? You live your quiet life with two friends in a place called ‘the zone.’ And one day, you meet this girl… You will start to question your reality… What if your world was just a hallucination? What if you were simply crazy? In that case, how do you know what is real? And you, are you really who you think you are?” Be careful, each of your choices will have consequences in the more or less long term and more or less serious on the ‘history.

Warning read before starting!

Hello dear player. Welcome to my game. This is a dark and complex story full of twists and turns. Disrupting normal thought patterns leads to suffering and anguish for you, the protagonist. Be prepared for deviations from “normal” gameplay. Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone? If you feel something is not right, don’t worry, for only he who completes the journey reaps his rewards.
Are you ready to question what you thought was real?
( I invite you to read the ‘Developer Notes’ below. )*****************
“Un mystérieux virus s’est propagé. Lentement au début, puis très rapidement. Vos amis et collègues ont été infectés. Mais ils ne sont pas morts. Ils sont devenus quelque chose de pire que la mort. Ce sont des morts-vivants ! Quelques années se sont écoulées et la société s’est désintégrée au point que le simple fait de survivre est la seule pensée de chacun. Vous vivez une vie presque paisible à des kilomètres de votre ville natale, jusqu’à ce que tu rencontres cette fille. Mais tu vas commencer à remettre ta réalité en question… Et si ton monde n’était qu’une hallucination?
Et si, tu étais simplement fou ? “
Attention, chacun de vos choix aura des conséquences à plus ou moins long terme et plus ou moins grave sur l’histoire.

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