That New Teacher [Day 4] [RogueOne]

After being made redundant at your old job as a Lab Technician, You found an opportunity you cannot refuse! You have successfully secured a new job at a school! But something is wrong… The School isn’t Government run… What could this mean? It is time to find out. And meet some new… and old acquaintances.

The Premise
You have just gotten a new job at a school with a brand new curriculum and way of teaching. You are now the “Enforcer”. The Enforcer is the only person in the school who can punish the students with all restrictions let go. Corporal punishment is re-established. At your own discretion, you can reward or punish the students, sexually based on their behaviour and grades as outlined by the PARE system. Punishment and Reward Exchange.

The game is linear in nature, with short branching paths for alternate story, renders and animation. You will have numerious choices to choose from, including choosing which content you’d rather not see!

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