Val Karee [v0.5.01] [ValKaree]

Val Karee is a 2D sidescroller action game. Gameplay is similar to Parasite in City and includes NPC interactions and puzzle solving. H content includes interactive animations, background animations, and CGIs. Currently the game is Windows-only and uses keyboard controls.

STORYLINE (completely rewritten in v0.4.51): Val Karee and her girlfriends were on a camping trip when they were attacked in the middle of the night. Her friends were kidnapped but Val got away, and now she’s back and fully armed and ready to be a hero. She can do it all — kick enemies down, shoot them in the face, slide past their attacks, and blow them the fuck up. She’s tough. She’s buff. And she’s heading into the haunted forest to show them who’s boss.

But Val’s about to get fucked.

This is more than just a zombie tale. The forest has a history, as Val quickly learns when she meets the Lieutenant, and he and his soldiers will expose her to a world of mystery, intrigue, and malevolence. Every turn will bring more questions than answers — What happened in this forest? Where did all these relics come from? Who are the converteds? What’s the Lieutenant’s true agenda? And, most importantly, what happened to her friends?

Join Val as she battles the evil hordes while trying to solve the mysteries of the phantom wilderness. Fight fast, fight hard, and fight smart, and you may just survive. Or just go ahead and get killed if you prefer — that’s kinda fun, too.

Warning: This game has Guro content

Cheat Codes: Type the level name (e.g., “ashley”) to unlock the level along with all animations and CGIS in previous level

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